What a wonderful start to 2016!! The Sunday Times published a full-page excerpt from Tea At Anstey’s in this past weekend’s Opinion and Analysis section. This is the 6th book of the almost entirely sold out 10 part series Wake Up,This is Joburg. We still have a few available to purchase online or from our Braamfontein shop. And we are working towards book 7.…/Elegant-icon-of-a-citys-roller…


Read this review to see why Stephanus Muller’s three-volume publication “Nagmusiek” brought such extraordinary innovation to the literary canon, and was deemed worthy of two book awards in November! The prestigious 2015 Jan Rabie Rapport Prize for fiction as well as the 2015 KykNET Report Book Award for non-fiction.…/hoe-kon-nagmusiek-deur-stephanus-…/

Is it a novel or a biography or an artists’ book hybrid? Nagmusiek, the exquisitely designed and produced three-volume set is from the wonderful South African publisher Fourthwall Books.


Times Live have reviewed our recently launched Tea at Anstey’s. “If you are invited to tea at Anstey’s, say yes. It’s an invitation to slip away from the street-level maelstrom of Joubert Street life and enter a building that’s something unexpected in inner-city Johannesburg.”…/City-Jewel-Ansteys-has-storeys…


Jeffrey Ladd reviews our recent publication of Jason Larkin’s Waiting in 1000 words Magazine: “Waiting for something in our lives is perhaps one of the most universally understood occurrences. Everyday, we wait in some way or another for something – a phone call, an email, for our loved ones to arrive, for the rain to stop.”


Lisa King is the winner of the inaugural Fourthwall Books Photobook Award, supporting work on contemporary Africa, and “Sometimes I Make Money One Day of the Week” was published in September 2015. “Until 2014, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange was one of the last in the world to use a manual trading system, with stockbrokers calling out their trades while seated at a large oval table. A single typist recorded transactions that were then displayed on a wall monitor. The medium format images Zimbabwe-born photographer Lisa King (now based in South Africa) made within the low-ceilinged room that housed the exchange capture the intense focus of the brokers who, for a few hours each day, were connected to the world economy.”