Off-Centre and Out of Focus

Off-Centre and Out of FocusOff-Centre and Out of Focus


Off-Centre and Out of Focus: Growing Up ‘Coloured’ in South Africa
By Nadia Kamies
ISBN: 9780639837215
210 x 160 mm
264 pages
Soft cover, full colour
R395 incl VAT

In South Africa: Exclusive Books, The Book Lounge and Clarke’s Books in CT, and from

Nadia Kamies has written a profound and moving meditation on what it meant to grow up ‘Coloured’ in South Africa under apartheid. The photographs from family albums that gave rise to this project represent not only the aspirations of the families and community about whom Kamies is writing, but are also repositories of memories weighted equally with joy and sorrow. Kamies mines these images for their secrets, showing them to be a record of the past and a promise of what the future might be.

Nadia Kamies graduated from the University of Cape Town as an occupational therapist and worked extensively with children before turning her focus to writing. Her work has been published in academic journals as well as in the mainstream media. She published a chapbook as part of the artistic project, Nothing of Importance Occurred, in collaboration with the LUCA School of Art in Belgium. She has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town and a PhD in History from the University of Pretoria. This is her first full-length work of creative non-fiction.