Wide Angle


Terry Kurgan and Tracy Murinik
Wide Angle: Photography as Participatory Practice
Published in 2015
ISBN 978-0-9922404-0-0
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Wide Angle PDF download

Wide Angle: Photography as Participatory Practice is a wide-ranging collection of essays in response to the subject of participatory photographic practice.

Acknowledging that the political and ethical status of photography is never uncomplicated terrain, contributors to this volume engage with questions about power relations in participatory practice; the nature of negotiations between a project and its funders or partners; the aesthetic dimensions of a socially engaged practice; as well as intentionality, negotiated reality and ‘utopian’ pursuits.

Wide Angle is in many ways a provocation: to rethink and critically expand the definition, uses and possible meanings of participatory photographic practice, especially in relation to professional practice, teaching, funding and theoretical work on the subject.